How To Garbage Sorting In Shanghai?

From July 1, 2019, Shanghai entered the “Compulsory Era” of garbage sorting.
Individuals can mix garbage, and the maximum penalty is 200 yuan in the future; the company can be mixed and transported, and the maximum penalty is 50,000 yuan.
At present, Shanghai’s domestic garbage is mainly divided into 4 different types:Residual Waste (干垃圾)、Household Food Waste(湿垃圾)、Recyclable Waste(可回收垃圾)and Hazardous Waste(有害垃圾).

1.可回收垃圾 Recyclable Waste


Recyclable waste refers to domestic waste that can be recycled . For example, some waste papers, useless newspapers, useless plastic bottles, and useless glass products that are common in our lives are all recyclable waste.
Some other recyclable waste:纸张Paper、玻璃glass、塑料plastic

2.有害垃圾 Hazardous Waste


Some Hazardous Waste:可充电电池rechargeable battery、纽扣电池button cell、杀虫剂pesticide、荧光灯fluorescent light、节能灯energy-saving lamp、废弃药品discarded medicine

3.湿垃圾Household Food Waste


Household Food Waste refers to those that are perishable . The rest of the food in our daily life, expired food, flowers and plants, fruit skins, etc. are all household food waste.
Common Household Food Waste: 剩饭leftover、花卉flower、植物plant、种子seed.

4.干垃圾Residual Waste


Residual Waste is an environmental waste that except recyclable, hazardous, and household food waste . Such as napkins, etc.
Residual Waste including:一次性餐具disposable dishware、餐巾纸napkin、大骨头big bone.

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