Innovation in China : the tail of the dragon


Year: 2015
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Business Expert Press
Language: english
Pages: 158
ISBN 10: 1606494414
ISBN 13: 978-1-60649-441-7
File: PDF, 6.47 MB
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Name:Innovation in China : the tail of the dragon

Author :Johnson, William H. A

Indroduction:This book demonstrates how the processes of innovation that are occurring in business and the sciences in China are transforming it into a twenty-first century nation. In essence, a country with a long tradition of innovation has resurrected the concept in an effort to modernize: China has become a modern nation to the extent that it has relied on innovation to facilitate that process and in doing so it has reached a leadership position in the global economy. This book is of special value to anyone interested in doing business in China especially those people who wish to learn the history of Chinese innovation practices or who seek to be educated in devising creative solutions for business

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