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About ExpatsHub

Expathub ,which is founded in 2019, providing local life services and guidance for foreigners in China,are committed to connecting local one-stop life services,making it easy for foreign friends to connect with local life in China.

We cooperate with local (currently Shanghai) high-quality housing agencies and individuals to help international friends find suitable houses.In 2020, Expatshub released two functions of the platform – one is publishing activities. Organizers or individuals can publish activities for free and expose activities on the platform to attract more participants. Another is e-commerce, which means you can buy stuff in China without language barrier.

At the same time, we regularly publish Shanghai’s high value events every week to help international friends quickly find high value activities.We have connections with more than 100 international event organizers in Shanghai and can establish connections with local communities.

Our partners are also involved in translation, visa processing, international schools, Chinese learning institutions, entrepreneurship services, job recruitment and other fields.